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About Us

eCentron is a full-service IT business consulting company located in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex providing ERP services for a broad range of businesses from manufacturing to the Public sector utilizing SAP. eCentron has gained a reputation for helping mature SAP R/3 clients to achieve their system and application performance goals through creative tuning techniques (we do more than just implement SAP notes).

Many vendors ensure a long-term relationship with a client by making many modifications to the SAP standard system. eCentron makes use of the many SAP features to provide functionality not delivered by SAP without modifying the base SAP standard code. SAP modifications are only performed as a last resort and are thoroughly documented. We can also rework many of the modifications made by other vendors to make them more upgrade friendly and in many cases eliminate them completely.

Most of our clients have business requirements that are not supported by SAP. We have created many bolt-on applications written in the SAP tool-set. This allows our clients to support more of their internal applications with one set of programmers. Most bolt-on applications written by other vendors are outside of the SAP environment and require more experienced (expensive) resources to support them.

eCentron has also helped many of its clients reduce the size of their production environment by as much as 30% by using SAP standard tools and eCentron custom utilities to archive data while still retaining detail reporting capabilities.

eCentron believes in providing fewer IT business professional resources with higher levels of expertise and leveraging the client staff in order to reduce costs. Our clients always come first. eCentron is committed to providing a very high standard of service to our clients, and looks forward to the opportunity of serving you.