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eCentron Corporation offers a full range of IT business consulting services and custom software development tailored to each client’s needs. We only provide top quality IT business professionals and the best in market software.

eCentron has IT business professionals who are experienced in all areas of SAP. Because of our experience with SAP, we have found that some of our most sought after services are Archiving / Dart / BW implementation / CRM implementation / Upgrades, and Optimization and Performance Tuning for mature SAP R/3 installations.

BW Implementation

Fast and complete access to corporate operational, tactical, and strategic information is essential to success in today's business world. Whether it is customer relationships, shorter time to market a product, or services profitability analysis, robust business intelligence technology is the foundation on which integrated business intelligence systems are built. One of the core components of the SAP business framework is a business intelligence solution called SAP Business Information Warehouse (SAP BW). SAP BW is a complete data warehouse and information delivery framework and is very tightly coupled with the SAP R/3 OLTP environment. This makes it easier to implement an autonomous data warehouse environment without the challenge of dealing with SAP R/3 data extraction and data management complexities.

eCentron specializes in BW and with their IT business professional's expertise in this area you can be assured of a smooth on time and on budget implementation. SAP BW enables decision makers at all levels to find the information they need quickly and efficiently. BW services provided by eCentron include:

  • Data Warehouse strategy
  • Business case development
  • Assessment and design of technical architecture and infrastructure
  • Enterprise data modeling
  • Implementation support for standard business content
  • Analysis of query performance
  • Support for inclusion of non SAP data in the BW
  • Training assistance

eCentron is very competitive in our target markets and we can guarantee our services. eCentron is committed to providing a very high standard of service to our clients. Our clients always come first and we look forward to the opportunity of serving you.