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Company Background

We are a company founded and run by active, experienced IT business professionals and developers. We are not a recruiting company, an employment agency, or a "body shop". We only hire to fill current long term and short term positions with established clients or for internal development projects.

We are always looking for talented, innovative and highly motivated people to work with us on consulting projects and product development activities. Suitable candidates will be hired on either a 1099 or W2 basis as preferred.

What You Can Expect From Us

As active professionals ourselves, we know from our own experience what pressures and demands are made of Information Technology consultants.

Our primary objective is to take care of our staff - we appreciate that good people are our most precious assets. We keep in close contact with all of our professionals and developers. If any problems come up, we want to know about them immediately so that they can be addressed. All of our staff are encouraged to bring concerns to any member of management - we have a true "open door" policy and are interested in what our people have to tell us, both good and bad.

We are committed to developing our staff, our business and ourselves to their maximum potential. Technology changes very quickly; we help our consultants stay up-to-date with these changes by offering training assistance. We hold regular - but informal - meetings with all of our team members to ensure that communication flows freely within our organization. We work hard to make a difference.

We are a capable, dynamic company and that is how we want to stay. We are accountable, but free of the maze of corporate bureaucracy found in many companies.

We enjoy what we do; we work hard to meet our clients' needs. When the work is finished, we like to play hard too!

What We Expect From You

Our primary objective is taking care of our people. We expect that in turn our peoples' primary objective is taking care of our customers. We expect high standards of quality in work delivered by our IT business professionals and developers, with a professional attitude and dedication to achieving superlative results. We want our people to provide services and products far superior to offerings from any of our competitors. We want to be different by b and products far superior to offerings from any of our competitors. We want to be different by being the best!

Our door is always open. We want to know immediately when problems arise, either internally or with our customers. We want to be able to address and resolve any issues to everyone's mutual benefit before problems become major concerns. This can only be achieved by open and honest communication.

We expect all of our staff to be passionate about their work, and totally committed to maintaining the highest standards of professional conduct and technical ability.