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privacy & information security

amazon getting paid for reviewing productswe maintain a database of prospective and existing clients, employees, and business partners that is not made available to any third parties. all information within the database is used for ecentron corporation business purposes only. access to the database is only available to ecentron corporation directors and management. we do not sell or distribute customer lists, employee lists, employee resumes, consultant lists, consultant resumes, contractor lists, contractor resumes or any other information collected and stored in our database.

consultant & employee resumes

we collect and maintain resumes from consultants, contractors and employees. we will submit resumes to potential customers only with the permission of the consultant or employee concerned. we will never make a resume available to any potential customer, existing customer or other third party without the prior knowledge of the consultant or employee concerned. at any time, consultants, contractors or employees may view and/or modify information in resumes held by us. upon termination of the relationship between ecentron corporation and a consultant, contractor or employee, the resume relating to the consultant, contractor or employee will be removed from our database if so requested.

information required by state or federal law

we will keep records pertaining to customers, consultants, contractors and employees as required to comply with state or federal law. any or all inf and employees as required to comply with state or federal law. any or all information will be kept for the period of time required by the appropriate state or federal authority. any or all information lawfully requested by state or federal authorities will be released to that authority without obtaining the permission of the customer, consultant, contractor or employee concerned. such information will not be released to any other person, organization or third party not having a legal authority to request the information.