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After selecting an ERP package, the most important decision is the selection of an installation partner. Implementation and configuration decisions made during this phase will affect your business and systems performance for the entire project life-cycle. By employing only senior resources eCentron can avoid the common pitfalls encountered during ERP implementations. Also since we support applications long-term, eCentron is experienced in predicting and avoiding performance issues that will not become apparent until the system has matured.

eCentron also ensures that any modifications made are done in compliance with your companies' accepted methodologies and are thoroughly documented.

Application Integration

Application integration is the process of bringing data or a function from one application program to another application program. If you are implementing SAP R/3, it is guaranteed that application integration is a critical component of your project. eCentron's team of IT business professionals can help you achieve your goals by quickly and efficiently migrating data from your old applications to your new ones and build and support interfaces to existing applications that will continue to operate in parallel with SAP R/3. As your business processes change, you may also need to add or change interfaces between SAP R/3 and other systems or eliminate them completely.

eCentron's IT business professionals combine functional and technical skills to inter-connect diverse systems that together can solve complex business problems. eCentron is committrse systems that together can solve complex business problems. eCentron is committed to providing a very high standard of service to our clients, and looks forward to the opportunity of serving you.